Crypviser Channels will give everyone the possibilityto stream content, Unfiltered, Uncensored, Unblocked And Anonymous


Get your story out without a Middle Man involved


Stream sporting events Blocked within your region to your subscribers


Stream your own Music Channel without worrying about Copyright Infringement

Crypviser GmbH, the developer of Blockchain Public Key Exchange is putting its expertise and experience in building Crypviser Channels. A decentralised, anonymous, uncensored streaming platform where anyone can become a host of a channel, provide that channel for free or monazite it as they see fit.


Governments have turned Social Media sites into Gatekeepers. They deem what is appropriate, and in turn demand that the Social Media giants enforce it, they have become a Censorship Machine, and the Media Sitesare the Gatekeepers.

Crypviser has no chance of knowing Who is behinda specific channel, for the process of signing up requiresno Mobile number, no E-Mail address, Not even a name.If wished the host can remain Anonymous.

Crypviser Channels are Immune to Censorship. There is no middle man, there is no central server that can be blocked or shut down. If the Channel is Private, then thats what it is Private. Only through Blockchain Authentication can one view what is streamed on it. It is completely up to the Host of the channel who they grant access to.

Built upon the Crypviser Blockchain Framework, a high-performance and scalable hybrid blockchain developed based on the advantages of the best existing decentralized ledgers and technologies today - Crypviser Secure Network, Graphene (Bitshares), EOS and Ethereum. By utilizing the best and most reliable techniques of the named platforms, Crypviser Blockchain Framework provides the ultimate functionality.


Crypviser Channels is currently in development. To keep yourself informed just join the list and you will be notified of the current status and release date.  Keep in mind that Crypviser can not connected your email address with your Crypviser ID, you remain completely anonymous.